Our team dancers are dancing year-round and fully committing to their art and continual growth. All of our team dancers are required to take a minimum of 90 minute of classes per week (including ballet & jazz). We strongly encourage dancers to take as many classes as they are able including workshops, technique classes, and other styles.

Dancers will audition during the summer months for the following season and will be placed into groups based on ability, strength and age. Our competitive teachers strive to place dancers where they will shine and are the strongest. Team members compete in 2-6 dances in jazz, tap, lyrical, contemporary and hip hop at 3-4 regional competitions.

In addition to competitions, our team dancers attend one convention per year where they learn from professional choreographers from all around the world. Throughout the year, we have team bonding events to make sure that we can be the best team we can be, together.

Costs to participate in team will vary depending on the number of dances, how many competitions dancers are in, etc. If you are interested in dance team, please reach out to us and we can provide more information.

As a team, we have received a lot of awards including high scores and top placements, creative choreography, entertainment as well as special judges’ awards. We are incredibly proud that we have brought home many spirit awards.


2021-22 AUDITION June 6, 2021:

Auditions will consist of a warm up, down the floor progressions and an upbeat jazz combo. We will be looking at skill level, performance ability (body presence, facials, etc), and technique.

All dancers will be asked to show us their R&L leaps, splits and pirouettes.After auditions, we will place dancers into groups for how they will compete and perform the next year.

All dancers must be in a black leotard and tan tights for auditions, and may wear black shorts.

What to bring to auditions:
1. Headshot (does not have to be professional)
2. Completed Dance Team Interest forms

DANCE TEAM – ADDITIONAL NOTES: Please keep in mind, dance team is a timely and financially hefty commitment. Please be ready to commit for the entire year. Any money paid is non-refundable. We try incredibly hard to keep costs as low as we can. We promise to keep everyone in the loop and provide schedules, practices, team bonding, competition dates early!


While we don’t encourage it, we do understand if a dancer is not able to be at the auditions due to a prior engagement.

We will need to know about this BEFORE the auditions to be considered. If the audition is missed, the following items must be submitted:

  1. One – two minute video of the dancer doing a routine (must be within 6 months old)
  2. A short video of the dancer doing R&L leaps, splits and pirouettes
  3. A headshot (does not have to be professional)
  4. Completed Dance Team Interest forms (will send out late May) SEASON: Practices begin on TBA

Practices are held on Sunday’s…times are TBD and will be based on what routine the dancers are in. Practices will start no earlier than 11:00am and end no later than 5:00pm. Practices are MANDATORY. Any more than 3 practices missed during the year (excused or unexcused) will lead to termination from the dance team.

In September we will hold 2 INTENSIVE DATES. These intensive dates are required and will be huge choreography days. These practices might be on Saturday or Sunday, and we will have the full schedule determined by late June.


● Mini Team (will be announced later during the summer)

  • Ages: 5-6
  • Must be enrolled in a ballet class (can be a combo)

● Dance Team:

  • Ages: 7+
  • MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: 30-60 minutes of ballet, 30-45 minutes of Jazz

● Elite Dance Team:

  • Ages: 14+
  • MUST be a technical dancer
  • MUST have stage presence (ability to smile, make facials, show emotion, etc)
  • MUST have a GREAT and POSTIVE attitude!!
  • MUST have been on team the prior year to be considered for Elite
  • MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: 60 minutes of ballet, 30 minutes of jazz, any other classes, but MUST dance a minimum of THREE hours per week (not including team or solos)



● Dance Team:

  • 1 Convention (likely not local, within 2.5 hour drive – hotel stay required)

● Elite Dance Team:

  • 2 Conventions (1 local AND 1 not local, within 2.5 hour drive – hotel stay required)


● Mini Team (will be announced later during the summer)

  • 1 dance | 1-2 local competitions (Madison area)

● Dance Team:

  • 1 production dance | 2 local competitions, 1 not local competition (<2.5 hr drive)
  • 2-3 additional routines | 2 local competitions, 1 not local competition (<2.5 hr drive)

● Elite Dance Team:

  • 1 production dance | 2 local competitions, 1 not local competition (<2.5 hr drive)
  • 3-4 additional routines | 2-3 local competitions – 1 not local competition (<2.5 hr drive)



  • CONCESSIONS: We have a great opportunity for fundraising. We work closely with a local Madison church and participate in concession stands with them. Working concession stands allow parents (or dancers 15+) to earn money that is applied directly to their account.ALL concessions worked are individual fundraising. The money earned will be applied to your Studio Director account and be applied towards team associated items.There are typically a handful of concession opportunities per month and are year round, so as soon as your dancer makes team you can start the fundraising process.
  • DIRECT SALES: We will do a candle sale in the late fall, this is again individual and up to the dancers family if you want to participate